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Why Organizations Should Embrace Healthy Rebellion

I have been on a bit of a renaissance journey over the past 4-5 years. Nearly all of my life I have been assigned the moniker “rebellious” in various situations in my life. I have been told I was “difficult to manage” by previous superiors in the workplace. I’ve...

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How Development Can Be Bad For Your Organization

Talent development is key to a company’s performance and profitability. Proper training and augmenting competences not only helps with things like customer service and innovation, they are critical to an effective succession planning strategy and the internal mobility within your organization. All of these are indicative of health and...

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What If HR Wasn’t HR?

What we call something guides our way of managing it, as well as how we view it and approach it. Many may call it semantics, but there is a reason for making these subtle changes. At one point in the not-to-distant past, Human Resources was affectionately known as Personnel....

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