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Human Flourishing – The 21st Century Definition of Success

Over the generations, there have been varying ways success has been perceived by the global community. In nomadic societies, success was gaining territory that would sustain the needs and safety of the tribe. In a feudal society, developing the skills of your father was critical to perpetuating your ability to provide for...

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Why Organizations Should Embrace Healthy Rebellion

I have been on a bit of a renaissance journey over the past 4-5 years. Nearly all of my life I have been assigned the moniker “rebellious” in various situations in my life. I have been told I was “difficult to manage” by previous superiors in the workplace. I’ve...

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Why 20th Century Metrics Will Fail 21st Century Businesses

There is a changing of the guard that is taking place in businesses around the globe. I’m not talking about CEO succession planning, nor voting in a new board. It is happening in the rank and file of organizations and it is fundamentally changing how they operate internally. A...

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