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Why 20th Century Metrics Will Fail 21st Century Businesses

There is a changing of the guard that is taking place in businesses around the globe. Iā€™m not talking about CEO succession planning, nor voting in a new board. It is happening in the rank and file of organizations and it is fundamentally changing how they operate internally. A...

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Keeping Leadership Honest

One of the most effective tools a leader can utilize is that of facilitation. If you are able to facilitate things, it spreads out the work and helps build momentum. This can be a valuable resource for any organization. I think most leaders get this, at least in principle....

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Playing Devil’s Advocate Can Trash Your Culture

Healthy criticism is good. It allows an idea to be teased out to it’s best version. One of the most valuable voices in any organization – or group of people, for that matter – is the voice of dissent or speculation. It is the voice that asks the difficult...

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