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8 Tips for a More Human Centric Approach To Developing Strategy

While strategy tends to hover amongst the upper echelons of the organization, from a hierarchy perspective, it is typically viewed as an abstract concept that is meant to guide and govern the organization. It provides perspective and directionality for more tactical decisions as a means to point towards a...

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Culture Is Chaotic

There has been a something bubbling under the surface with me for some time now. I wanted to ruminate on it a bit before I actually put it on the blog. The reason is that it is confronting by nature to how the majority of western business thinking has...

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Silence Is Golden, But Duct Tape Is Silver

The healthiest cultures give a voice to people of all levels within an organization. People who feel that their voice matters are more engaged and more productive. There is mounting evidence to support this approach and companies by the hundreds are working diligently to make this model of listening...

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