Human flourishing

The speed of the market is often unrelenting. Being able to respond to market changes while maintaining or improving business performance is critical to continue as a viable player in the game. Business has become quite complex for most of us. We are doing more with less, often in a matrix environment. We are required (or at least ask of others) to accomplish things in multi-functional teams with little authority in order to simply execute on our jobs well.

Growth has become both a pursuit, as well as an output of a new way of doing business for many companies. Many of the support mechanisms that were helpful just 10 years ago are either wonky, cumbersome, or outright irrelevant for what companies need. There is a difference in how businesses are expected to operate and the worldview of a significant majority of talent is a key contributor to that difference businesses are experiencing.

In the subsequent 4 posts of this series, I will be writing about a framework I have developed over the past 5 years from my nearly 15 years experience working as an international organization development consultant. The goal of this framework is to address these new nuances to achieving business performance goals, but with a pointed focus on human flourishing as a guideline to that end.

There are 3 main organizational influencers at work within every organization – Leadership, Culture, Engagement. As I said in a post from 2013, segmenting organization development doesn’t work the way in which it is intended. Effort is focused on leadership development because of one reason or another. Separately, there is some cultural transformation initiative due to some data that came from an organizational assessment of sorts. Then there are the ongoing efforts related to employee engagement, usually driven by full census or pulse survey data. None of these things are a bad thing; quite the contrary. The problem is these efforts have never been interfaced well. Sure there have been some “holistic” initiatives, but that has been historically the exception and not the rule.

The framework I have developed (still working on a catchy name for it) helps bring it all together. To be candid, the content of the framework is nothing terribly new as it relates to leadership, culture, and engagement. Where the value rests is in how it is fitted together as well as the connective relationships it identifies as a part of achieving business outcomes. This blog series is going to break down the framework for each of the 3 main pieces – leadership, culture, engagement – as well as explain the purpose and application of the framework for organizations. It will also detail how these 3 organizational influencers organically interact with one another and what that means for how you address them.

This framework is my intellectual property in the sense that I spent half a decade creating it and I don’t want other people presenting it as their work for any reason. That’s where it ends for me, however. I am not trying to sell consulting services through this blog series, although I am not opposed to that happening. I am going to fully explain the framework so that business leaders can take these principles into their organizations as a means to foster human flourishing which results in improved business performance. Anyone wanting help with that is welcome to contact me.

Why am I making my intellectual property fully public? Primarily, it is making sure that I remain fully aligned to my mission:

To be a valuable resource for the proliferation of human flourishing and find new and creative ways to make flourishing and business synonymous world-wide.

I see no distinction between business leaders and human leaders. There is a social contract baked in for leading an organization and I want to help business leaders to make good on that contract. Business can and should be a force for good and can improve the quality of simply being human in a meaningful and valuable way that makes a solid profit. I believe this. I live this. I am committed to proliferating this.

Follow this series over the following weeks. If, at any point, you have a suggestion for what to name this framework I would love to hear from you. Email me or leave a comment.

If you would like to have a more detailed conversation about how this framework can help people flourish and improve the performance within your organization, click here to schedule a chat!