We all talk about what makes a good culture. We go on about the value that high levels of engagement add to an organization. We extol the efforts of leaders to make this a priority in how they lead. There have been a number of studies about what makes an organization a “choice place to work”. I came across a company who has taken these results and created a unique way to address culture and engagement; its name is OfficeVibe.

OfficeVibeIn the three years I have been writing a blog, I have never endorsed a product…ever. Today, that record stands severely weakened. When I learned of this product, I was intrigued and so I got on the list to be notified of their launch. The product launched August 1 of this year and I must say I am thoroughly impressed.

In their research, they have discovered there are 5 things/initiatives in common among the best places to work that promote a healthy work atmosphere (think Google, Zappos, Nextjump):

  1. Social atmosphere (fun, open, talkative)
  2. Keep employees healthy (corporate wellness)
  3. Promote productive atmospheres (looking for less friction so people can achieve more)
  4. Care about philanthropy (generosity)
  5. Offer a green office environment (environmental awareness)


Low productivity and engagement levels cost US businesses about $350bn per year, much of which is stress-driven. This product focuses on making the achievement of what facilitates a better culture and higher levels of engagement more fun than poring over survey data and all that. I don’t see this product as a replacement for these things, but rather something that augments them.

I love the message OfficeVibe has about why they’re in business: “We want people to become ‘addicted’ to being great at their job.” This human-centric approach obviously caught my attention, since that is a significant part of our message at The Leadership Advisor. “People companies” have outperformed the market (S&P 500) 8 out of the last 10 years and that trend continues to hold. The Director of Good Vibes (legit title) told me, “We want to make the ‘vibe’ at every office amazing. We want to make workdays fun, engage employees, and help people have fun at work.” Judging by the quality of this product, I would have to add “meeting organizational goals” is as much a result as it is a target.

This product offers various deeds for people to do, and they earn points doing them. They can “high 5” the deeds of others. It’s not available yet, but in my discussions with the company they are bouncing around how they can make it customizable for companies so they can reinforce certain unique aspects of their particular culture.

Some of the current deeds include: have lunch with a colleague, frisbee toss, drink 2L of water a day, eat an apple, chair rowing (racing), zero out inbox, ask for feedback, have an outdoor meeting, mentor an employee, bike to work, give money to the homeless, volunteer, make a micro loan and a host of other awesome stuff!

As with any new product launch, there are improvements that are sure to come. They are quick to respond to feedback and are taking seriously what people are suggesting about possible changes/additions to the product. The coolest bit about this product, is it is currently free. I’m sure at some point in the future they will need to monetize some aspect of it, but now is a great time to prove its worth to your organization without having to dole out some coin.

Check out their site and have a tour of the product. I think you will be as pleasantly surprised as I am. I would love to hear your thoughts about this product in the comments section!

*Transparency: The Leadership Advisor is not affiliated with this company in any way at the time this post is published. We receive no money for our thoughts and views about their product.