You may be wondering why there hasn’t been a blog post on our blog for 3 months. All of the “gurus” say in order to keep things going, you have to continue blogging regularly and frequently. On a certain level, I agree. For nearly 9 months last year, there were 3 blog posts per week and there was a significant increase in traffic and all those metrics everyone watches. I decided to do things a bit differently for a few months…and here’s why.

We recently moved our operations to Scandinavia and have been developing our network here. Of course it is important to be recognized in a new market as a leader in your industry, so it seemed logical to blog more. I decided to do the opposite. During the past 3 months, with no announcement or fanfare, I supported the blog posts of my colleagues and other professionals in my network. I did contribute a guest post to another blog and was interviewed for yet another series on a colleague’s site, but primarily I only shared older posts from our blog and the posts of others.

I wanted to feel the creative tension of what all of us in the leadership space say it’s all about…serving the needs of others. So, instead of promoting myself and The Leadership Advisor via the blog, I purposefully served the needs of others by pushing their content across my network.

While I can’t directly connect two correlating events that contribute to this, I can say that The Leadership Advisor’s timeline for penetrating the Nordic/European market has been accelerated and things are gaining some amazing momentum. Some may call it a coincidence, but I am convinced it is real world proof that serving the needs of others, as a form of leadership, has a reward that can’t always be explained and is impossible to ignore.

Don’t misread my intention here. I’m not trying to big-note myself. I’m simply articulating the results of my actions as a means to challenge your thinking about how you do leadership. Has your leadership been about promoting yourself in a way that has been peddled by the latest snake oil salesmen who came in the form of a guru, or are you looking at the needs of those you’re leading and working hard to make them successful?

This is far from a rebuke, but more an admonishment to step back and reflect during the last few weeks of 2012 and really pick apart the quality and motivation of your leadership. How do you lead in your personal and professional life? Is it about getting others to bend to your whims and ideas or is it about finding a way to get things done in a manner that develops those around you?

What say you, leaders? Are you up for making this your 2013 mission? I would love to hear your comments!