There are a number of things that point to the quality of your leadership. Often times the most common metrics people use to determine one’s leadership are usually of the operational variety. There is a concern for how successful previous projects were completed. How close to (or under) budget did these projects end? How timely was the project completed? How efficient were the tasks completed? All great questions, but they are all supported by a common substrata…culture.

There is a cyclical aspect to Engineering Atmosphere® within any organization. It begins and ends with leadership. Leadership determines culture. Culture determines engagement levels. Engagement levels determine leadership development/succession. These 3 things are inextricably linked to a successful and healthy organization. If any one of them suffers, so will the other 2. The key thing to remember is that the degree to which one of these elements suffer is exponentially magnified in the demise of the other elements. It’s not a 1 to 1 ratio.

So I have to pose a question that is good to ask yourself, “Does this culture make my leadership look phat?” For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last 20 years the word “phat” is an acronym for “pretty, hot and tempting”. Originally used in R&B and hip-hop, it typically referenced adulation of the physical characteristics of the fairer sex. Not exactly the context here, but can you honestly say that the culture in your organization is attractive, hot and tempting to others?

If you want your culture to be different, your leadership has to make it happen. Not just your leadership, but a united front on an enterprise level. It must be done with consistency, passion, integrity and authenticity. People align and engage with things that move them emotionally on some level or another. If the values that influence your culture don’t touch the emotions of others (namely leadership), your culture will limp along like some hobbled critter trying to find a place to die.

So again I ask, “Does your culture make your leadership look phat?