I met an amazing man near the beginning of 2011, Taylor Hinton. His vision and passion was palpable and it drew me in to be involved in a project he began called The Gentleman’s Movement, which we affectionately call “TGM” for short. Taylor has seen the dearth of men being true gentlemen and what REAL masculinity is all about. So, he has decided to take action and provide a positive alternative. His efforts have culminated in developing the 4 pillars of TGM.

I will become a man of Power. I will develop and hone my mental strength, have the emotional and spiritual acuity to control my internal reaction to external surroundings and actively direct my course in life. I will use physical power not to oppress, but to protect anyone I love or may be in need.

I will be a man of Wisdom. I will keep the keen, purposeful ear of a student, with the humble insight and understanding of a teacher by living a life of deep purpose and focus.

I will be a man of Justice, I will always create an atmosphere of genuine respect. Courageously and tactfully I will rise above the divisive pettiness of aggression and replace it with integrity, honor and civility.

I will be a man who openly and actively attracts Love. Love of self, love of those who befriend me and those who are strangers to me. I will passionately remove all obstacles that prevent me from giving or receiving this quality.

As I read through those, they are an amazing description of what constitutes quality leadership, gender notwithstanding. Please don’t misread this post and think I’m suggesting that qualities women possess and bring to leadership are less important or valuable. These things are something that make us better people. The expression of these things will be flavored by our respective gender.

Self-empowerment, wisdom, a sense of justice and love for self/others are absolutely necessary to lead well.

  • Power – As leaders we must continually develop our mental strength and emotional health. We cannot use power as  a means of destruction or self serving in a way that harms or damages others.
  • Wisdom – John Maxwell, among others, has continuously stated that being a good leader begins by being a good student. We must have the humility to continually learn. We must also not let our lessons and learning end with us. We have to pass it on and mentor/develop others who are on the same path.
  • Justice – Justice isn’t something tangible, but it is a culture/atmosphere we must create in order to lead well. Justice is born out of respect, courage and tact. It is not expressed through aggression and anger. It is virtuous, honorable and civil. Justice isn’t about punishment, it’s about fostering an atmosphere that doesn’t leave room for feral acts.
  • Love –  A gross misunderstanding of the word love trips up people all the time. It isn’t the touchy-feely, sexual harassment kind of love. It is respect and concern for everyone around us simply because they exist. The kind of love, acknowledgement and treatment we wish we could always receive from others. As a leader, do you remove obstacles for others or create them?
Let me encourage you to embrace these 4 pillars in your leadership. I would also like to encourage you to get involved with TGM. There are men and women who are involved because they want to see more gentlemen in our society. A sense of civility, honor and respect that embraces these 4 pillars. A true gentleman is more than what the name suggests…they are a leader in their community.