If there is something the Danish people can be proud of, it is their contribution to the world through the creation of Legos. They have been a staple toy for children the world over. Our imaginations were given life through whatever pattern we decided to create with our Legos. If there is ever a toy that has defined a world culture, it is definitely Legos.

My nephew is a complete Lego nutter. He grabs catalogs and almost always cons his mom or dad into buying him a new “set”, especially if it’s Star Wars themed in any way. He is autistic and his creativity never ceases to amaze me. He can take the same pieces and make so many interesting things. I was a pretty creative kid with my Legos, but my nephew is absolutely amazing!

It got me thinking about how similar leadership is like Legos. You see organizations that are having difficulties and there is a change in leadership in the hopes of turning things around. The organization doesn’t magically change the moment a new person assumes a role. It probably is in the same building. Has the same products/services. Most likely has the same employees. Basically all the same pieces as before.

The creativity comes when leadership sees all the same pieces, but can envision an entirely different creation with those pieces. Just like my nephew can take the same Lego pieces that make a lion and craft a pretty cool airplane out of them, quality leaders can look at all the pieces that once made a stagnant organization and craft them into a flourishing dynamo.

Like the image in this post, “What will you make?” How does your leadership answer this question for your organization? So many times we like to imagine that we don’t have the critical pieces we need to create something worthwhile; however, if we simply view the pieces we have from a different perspective we can make a masterpiece.

Take a serious look at some of the challenges in your organization. How can you utilize the existing pieces to make something different, better? There is a masterpiece waiting in your disaster. What will you do about it? What will you make?

  • What a great post and an excellent analogy! Organizations are so often exactly as you describe (same people day in day out, same processes, same procedures, same “lego” pieces) and yet when a visionary leader comes in with a new way of creating and seeing how to fit the pieces together, magic happens.

    To me this is the nuts and bolts of leadership – taking the bits and pieces, the baggage, the wisdom, the broken and the fixed, and creating something wonderful out of our corporations today. Great leaders take the good, bad, and the ugly of an organization and align all the pieces so that the result is something beautiful.

    Thanks for putting it so eloquently in a way that most of us can identify with!


  • Thanks for your feedback Carol. I think the element to what you said is the leader must be visionary. In order to make the change, we must see the change in our minds first. I appreciate your contribution!

  • Wow, I loved this analogy. As someone obsessed with organizational strategy this put everything I do when working with a CEO into an easy to understand visual. Thank you!

  • Happy to hear this post resonated with you. I appreciate the feedback!