Every once in awhile a book comes along whose timing is absolutely impeccable. A book that is so finely in tune with the pulse of society and its needs, it is almost uncanny. The Blue Jean Manifesto is exactly that book. Author and coach Julie Maloney does more than present a case for some ethereal concept. She gives people insight into what, not only could and should be but also, needs to be the way in which we function as a working society.

By challenging and de-constructing the antiquated notion and context we ascribe to our concept of the word “job”, Julie provides an alternative to our approach to work. It is far beyond the concept of simply trading time for money. It is a call to a completely new mentality. One in which we become “the CEO of our own careers”, to coin a phrase in her book.

Don’t be fooled into believing she sees the world through rose-colored glasses; far from it. Julie, in a style that is unmistakenly authentic to who she is and how she does life, sees the potential and still is grounded by the challenges. Her clarity in sharing how being a Blue Jeaner is no magic bullet to make your life perfect is painfully obvious.

The most refreshing part of The Blue Jean Manifesto is the reality of it. It is grounded and not a head in the clouds approach to operate within a broken system; quite the contrary. Julie brilliantly brings to the fore an opportunity, and a challenge, to develop and live in a new system. The antediluvian Industrial Economy has seen its day and the new Creative Economy is assertively taking its place on the global stage. This book gives a rousing cheer to those who muster up the courage to embrace the new change, instead of fighting against it because they don’t get it or are afraid of it.

Don’t mistake The Blue Jean Manifesto to be a power to the people revolutionary cry at the expense of companies…far from it. Having served in the ranks of HR, Julie has uncovered the sweet spot that shows profits and people aren’t mutually exclusive of one another. She takes great care to not cast blame, but still call things as they are. In such a politically and diametrically opposed society, Julie’s brilliance to discuss a challenging topic without being polarizing is nothing short of astounding.

If you’re ready to become a Blue Jeaner, whether you’re an individual or a company, The Blue Jean Manifesto is an absolute must. It is a revealing look into how the ever changing economy will operate. Don’t be a late adopter…get a jump start by getting your copy of this amazing book here.