Ever have one of those days/weeks/months where your entire existence seemed to be defined by finding solutions to problems? It’s exhausting! Problems are a real part of life, leadership and business. We all have certain tasks that need our attention and many times problems detract from our ability to remain focused on those tasks.

Because of this perception of problems being a nuisance and an unwelcome interruption to our lives, we usually approach them with some form of disdain and endure them until we are “relieved” of their untimely grip on our preferred routine. If the problem was significant enough, we may even throw a party to celebrate it leaving our lives.

Sure problems are inconvenient, but they also serve another purpose in how we do life. Think back over all the problems you’ve encountered in your job, your leadership, your life, your relationships, etc. The simple fact that you can think back over them means they didn’t destroy you. They, in all likelihood, changed you to the same degree that they were intrusive. Our unrealistic desire to never experience that problem again causes us to be retrospective about what could have brought about the problem. I’m not saying that reflection and learning is a bad thing, but our expectation is not so brilliant.

Since you have survived every single problem you have encountered (some better than others), what does that say about you? You not only survived it, you have become a stronger and better person for it. I would say that is a pretty significant precedence. There hasn’t been a problem that has beaten you yet.

Even if the solution wasn’t what we had hoped for, we still walked away with something positive we learned from the whole affair. So why do we have such a tendency to approach problems with such fear and trepidation? Imagine the vigor and excitement you would have if you dealt with problems from the perspective of “Me-23,498. Problems-0”?

How would you act differently if you entered a problem with the same confidence you walked away from other problems with a solution? We set precedence in our minds based on our fears and it completely affects our quality of life and leadership. We respond to people poorly. Stress doesn’t exist intrinsically – it is simply our response to pressure.

How would you like to work in a culture that views problems as something that has already been conquered, but the expression of it has yet to be out worked? As leaders, we have the opportunity and responsibility to create the culture in which we want to work. This is true in your workplace, in your community and in your personal relationships.

You are a conqueror. Time has not only demanded it, but it has proven it as well. Wear your badge of honor proudly and approach problems with the knowledge that you will end up successful on the other side of it!

Where are some problems that need you to show up and do some serious butt-kicking? Well…get to kicking champ!