The pace of the market is quick. The way in which information is proliferated globally is faster than it has ever been before. With the ever-expanding use of social media platforms, blogging and 24/7/365 news cycles, it doesn’t look like any of this will change any time soon. In order to be viable in the marketplace, the ability to move as quickly as the market is absolutely essential for survival.

How many of you were using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn regularly in 2007? How many of you were blogging then? How much has marketing changed? This is just over 4 years. In business, that isn’t very long at all. There are single projects in certain industries that last that long. More than the ability to change with the marketplace, the desire and willingness to do so is equally as crucial.

This isn’t just for businesses; it’s for leaders, employees and job seekers alike. Whether we like the changes or agree with them, they are what is driving the marketplace. We all have the choice to play ball or get pushed out of the game altogether. As much as we would all like things to be about our feelings and preferences, the market is indiscriminate.

Sure it’s leadership responsibility to find out what is important to employees and create a culture that supports quality employee engagement. What it doesn’t imply is that if you don’t like the change, you have the option to dismiss it as if it’s not there or really happening. The head in the sand routine just won’t cut it.

We all have 3 basic options:

  • Adopt – We can embrace and adopt the change. We can choose to see the positive points the change brings and learn to manage the not-so-fun bits of it. Doing this puts us ahead of the game and allows us to become comfortable with the nuances of the change in a way that we learn more quickly.
  • Adapt – Sometimes we aren’t given the choice of adopting something or not. It could be regulatory in nature or there could be such a growth in services/software that the older ones become obsolete or unavailable anymore. We have to adjust on the fly in order to continue living out our vision and mission and achieving our objectives.
  • Adiós – This is a harsh reality that many people just don’t want to hear about. The fact is, you cannot stop the marketplace from evolving, nor should you want to. It’s this evolution that brings about new products/services and opportunities to be more profitable. Refusing to understand and accept this does not do you any favors. If you’re a business, you will quickly out-date yourself. If you are an individual, you best be polishing your resumé.

The third option I listed is really an attitude problem more than anything else. The good news about that is we always have the option to change our attitude. As the old mantra goes. “Our attitude determines our altitude.” Make wise decisions…your business and/or career depend on it.