There have been plenty of challenges for businesses and leaders in 2010. Many of the demands of keeping your business going and making things work in such a challenging economic environment has put many of us in survival mode. That’s fine in a pinch, but it’s definitely not a strategy for moving forward.

It’s important to look after these things, but it’s at least equally (if not more) important to focus on what will give you momentum as you move into the new year. My friend and colleague, Shawn Murphy, has put together a blog series that will support you in doing just that.

He has gathered 15 leadership experts and business professionals together to help leaders and businesses hit the ground running and start 2011 strong. The Revive and Thrive 2011 blog series will have a new post each weekday throughout the month of December.

If you want to position yourself to begin 2011 with momentum, make sure you stop by the Achieved Strategies blog to keep up with all the amazing posts. I’m honored that Shawn has asked me to contribute to this series.

I’m so thankful for all the support from my readers and I want to make sure I’m offering something of value to you. If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I’m not much of a promoter, but I love what Shawn is doing. He gives so much back to the leadership and business community. Enjoy this blog series and make sure you let Shawn know how much you appreciate his generosity!