The recent rescue of the Chilean miners was a true sight to behold for sure. It was amazing to see the cooperation of so many and the emotional moments of the reunions. At the center of it all was the rescue pod named “The Phoenix”, as it symbolized a re-birth for these 33 men as they came out of the earth. These men were given a renewed opportunity to do things the right way: how they treat their families, manage their relationships, and live out their dreams and passions.

While they were trapped for those 69 days, which most certainly felt like an eternity, they maintained an incredible amount of decorum and a stellar attitude of hope. One of the miners actually ran 5 miles each day. They were preparing themselves to be healthy, strong and ready to take on life once they were on the surface again. The simple connection between a place of feeling stuck, going nowhere and the opportunity to live life to the fullest was the rescue pod, The Phoenix.

We can occasionally feel that we are living life in a collapsed mine shaft. We feel stuck and depend on others to help us find that opportunity to “move to the surface”. When we find ourselves in that place – and we all experience it at some point or another – just like those miners, how we choose to accept and respond to our circumstances will determine our joy. It may feel dark and damp and extremely isolated, but we can still exercise and prepare for our future if we choose to do so.

Many of us never leave that place of isolation. We spend just enough time there that we begin to believe that is just the way things are meant to be – as if that is our lot in life. We all have our Phoenix. When and how it comes to us is different for everyone. These miners didn’t just wait for some bucket to be dropped down and they hopped in it and rode it to the surface. They had to work with others to make sure they were using it properly so that it could take them to the surface safely.

Our personal Phoenix is no different. We can’t sit around waiting for some bucket to drop into our seemingly isolated lives and then hop in and enjoy the ride to our dreams. We have to prepare ourselves and actively engage with what will take us to our passions and dreams. We may feel like we’ve been in that place for an eternity, but maintaining hope is what moves us forward. We must hope and believe it’s possible, not hope and believe it will be easy.

So what is your Phoenix? What is the thing that will carry you from a place of isolation to a place of opportunity? Here’s a hint: it’s not something external to you. Your Phoenix is inside of you. It is a paradigm shift in your belief system and how you choose to perceive life and its possibilities. You have a passion that burns inside of you and that is your Phoenix. Perhaps you may need to fan the embers a bit to bring some life to the flames, but it’s there. The question you have to answer is, “How am I going to give life to my Phoenix?”