Over the past few decades we have become an instant gratification society. We have been bombarded with marketing campaigns that imply we should, and are able, to get what we want right now. We have been undisciplined in our approach to resisting this mentality and the result is a mentality of I want it now, so I deserve it now.

The interesting impact of this is how it parallels our approach to life in general. We have little patience with ourselves and those around us. We struggle with having grace towards others, and most importantly ourselves. This is reflected in how many of us view our goals and/or aspirations in life.

Once we have an inkling of what destination we believe will be most beneficial or will provide us with the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment we want, we are ready to be in that moment of having it already completed. The path between where you are and where you want to be becomes an annoying obstacle, instead of a way to achieve something. We have a tendency to view that path, and time, as an enemy that holds us back from what we want.

Along the way, we grumble and complain about the challenges or unexpected events we encounter. We allow this mentality to sap the joy and happiness of being on the path to a destination about which we were once quite excited. We are quick to take on the role of victim and begin to compare ourselves to the success of others. We feel that people who have arrived at the destination we hope to attain one day have been taken there more quickly than we have and we become agitated and feel even more like a victim.

Something important to recognize is that we spend over 85% of our lives on the path to a desired destination. Once we arrive at a destination, we will take some time to revel in the accomplishment and then we begin designing and imagining our next destination. This is the adventurous nature of the human spirit. It is what has brought about the innovation we have experienced in our society.

If we despise the journey to our destination, which is over 85% of our lives, then we are defining a miserable existence for ourselves. If we are annoyed by the path, or the journey, and think that time is a barrier to reaching our destination we stand the chance of being depressed, easily angered and unhappy.

May I suggest that we find ways to embrace our journey as we travel towards our respective destinations? You may find that if you don’t embrace the path that leads you to your destination, it could easily delay your arrival to your destination or prevent it altogether. It’s easy to be excited about reaching a destination, anyone can do that; the real challenge lies in doing that which is not so easy. The destinations we craft for ourselves are of extraordinary caliber (otherwise we wouldn’t bother crafting them), so our effort to enjoy the journey there must be of extraordinary caliber.

If you truly paid attention to those whom you compared yourself who have already arrived at their destination, you would most likely find that they embraced their journey and didn’t begrudge it as an enemy of their future. Complications and difficulties aren’t an enemy of our future they are a way of preparing us to do well in our future.

When we encounter resistance to our muscles, our muscles strengthen to counter that resistance. When we encounter resistance to achieving our future, we are strengthened to counter that resistance. If we weren’t able to encounter resistance we would find ourselves ill-prepared to enjoy our destination, or even achieve it for that matter.

The next time you find yourself experiencing resistance on your journey to your destination in life, let it bring about a feeling of gratitude. Be aware of your emotions and response to daily challenges and learn to embrace the journey and not only be fixated on the destination. Your journey isn’t a barrier to your destination it is a preparatory stage needed to achieve your destination. Life is short, so have fun with it!