Most of us have ideas and dreams that stay on constant simmer. Occasionally they gain some fervor and drift towards the level of boiling. When we notice these dreams and ideas approaching this point we typically begin feverishly searching for how we are going to design and manage what we perceive to be our safety net.

It is in these pivotal moments in life that we actually adjust our destination, or at least adjust the timing of when we arrive. We want to play it safe. There is a considerable difference between having a safety net as a means of support and having one that serves to encapsulate you.

I can’t help but think of the difference between a trapeze artist and a crude trap. The trapeze artist is able to explore various possibilities and stretch themselves beyond their current skill level. If they don’t get things just right the first time, their safety net is there to make sure that they are looked after properly.

We’ve all seen movies and cartoons where people are walking and someone catches them in a net. These people are completely surrounded by this net. They are safe from falling, but they are restricted by this net because it completely encapsulates them. They aren’t free to move about or attempt anything. Stuck is the word that comes to mind.

We can allow our safety nets to function in a similar manner. The choice is ours. We can give ourselves an amazing amount of freedom to explore the possibilities. It can be quite exciting to push the boundaries of our skill level and learn something new. Overcoming a challenge or conquering a limitation in life is almost intoxicating.

If our safety net is used from a place of fear, and not wisdom, we most likely will be like those who were caught in that trap. Our dreams get tangled up in our safety nets because we don’t know how to position ourselves or our support and safety mechanisms.

Has your desire to feel safe diminished your approach to how you outwork your dreams and bring them into reality? It’s not wise to abandon your safety net altogether, however you must learn to use and position it correctly. What is the purpose of your safety net? Is it to allow you to fall and know that you will still be ok, or is it to simply alleviate fear and anxiety so you don’t have to confront anything uncomfortable?

No one will take you to your dream. You must decide to go there yourself. There isn’t anyone waiting on you to pull you forward except for the person that you can become if you choose to do so. We go around once in life, so making it count should be an everyday occurrence.