Understanding reality is an important element in making sure we manage our lives, our relationships, and our expectations. Being unrealistic in these three main areas can cause a considerable amount of problems and frustrations for us and those around us. But is there ever a time when being unrealistic is acceptable? Can expecting something beyond the current reality ever benefit someone?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about some strange dream. We have all had those weird dreams when we eat pizza too close to bed time. You know the ones where you’re driving to Mars in your dishwasher wearing a monkey suit with a pinwheel hat. Yeah, that kind. Well we were talking about how unrealistic dreams can seem and it struck me of how our dreams in life can be the same way.

So often when we hear the dreams of others we think that they are too fantastic in nature and don’t have enough realism in them. Dreams aren’t supposed to have a ridiculous amount of realism in them by simple definition. If they were more real they would be less dream-like. So why would we decide to try and inject realism into our dreams?

The fear of failure is the primary cause. If we have a little more realism in our dreams than we do dream elements, we perceive that we have a greater chance of fulfilling our dreams. We minimize the risk of failure through diluting our dreams into something less than what they could be. What is sad about this is when our dream positively impacts the lives of others, so we are diminishing the number of lives changed by our fear of failure.

Don’t dilute your dreams, make them more fantastic. The wilder they are the better. Let them border on the edge of delusional and then don’t make any excuses to not bring them into reality. As long as your dream doesn’t violate a law of physics or a law of government, the sky should be the beginning of the limit.

It is the lack of realism that makes dreams so fascinating. Look at all the amazing social justice projects that have been started by everyday people. Each of these projects probably had some wild and outlandish element to them when written on paper. But as they are outworked in the world practically, they are bringing unspeakable change into the lives of others.

How have you diluted your dreams for the sake of not feeling disappointed or a fear of failure? Isn’t that assuming defeat before even one bit of effort has been applied? You have an amazing amount of creativity inside you and it is your responsibility to bring your dream into reality at some point in your life. It is a passion based purpose that brings more vigor and contentment to our lives. It is what makes life exciting and not mundane. You don’t have to quit your job to do something passionate. You just need to do whatever it takes to make it work for you and your circumstances.

Have a go and rip out all the stifling realism in your dream. It is only diminishing its value anyway. Take a bold stand to be true to the dreams that are always in your heart daily. You know what they are. No one needs to try and tell you what they should be. It doesn’t have to be global in scope it has to be authentic to who you are and what you’re passionate about doing. Life is short, so make your dreams a reality while you’re here!