5 Truths That Govern Compliance’s Relationship With Employee Engagement

The sheer mention of the word comply suggests a mentality of doing the bare minimum. You know, just enough of whatever to stay out of hot water. Engagement, on the other hand, carries with it an air of exuberance and delight. The actual opportunity to work. The two couldn’t be further apart if they tried. Right? My trick knee tells me there is more to it than these superficial views. […]

The Connection Between Employee Engagement And Trust

The relational connection between company culture and employee engagement is emotions. Every culture produces an emotion. It could be cynicism, fear, anxiety, hope, excitement, love, hate or any other emotion you can think of. At the end of the day, it is based on how the employee feels. Another serious issue that influences feelings is that of trust. If an employee doesn’t feel safe or that the organization is trustworthy, […]

Great Engagement Doesn’t Have To Have A Big Price Tag

Employee engagement is critical to organizational success. Many leaders are finally letting that reality sink in. The contingency still lies with the cost. It is tough to calculate ROI on something as abstract as engagement. There is nothing tangible to measure as input, so qualifying the output is tough to do in Excel. This mostly speaks to the erroneous assumption that measurement equals value, therefore inability to measure negates value. […]

The 6 Most Common Emotions Experienced In The Workplace

As human beings, we are emotional creatures. It is what helps us to survive, thrive, interact and consciously develop ourselves. When managed well, emotions can give us the ability to accomplish the most amazing things. When we box out our emotions, we devoid the value our humanity brings to us. The workplace is rife with emotion, and no amount of policies and mandates will change that. The existential nature of […]

Keeping Leadership Honest

One of the most effective tools a leader can utilize is that of facilitation. If you are able to facilitate things, it spreads out the work and helps build momentum. This can be a valuable resource for any organization. I think most leaders get this, at least in principle. There are enough examples of how facilitation has propelled a company forward in some capacity and so the chase begins to […]

Playing Devil’s Advocate Can Trash Your Culture

Healthy criticism is good. It allows an idea to be teased out to it’s best version. One of the most valuable voices in any organization – or group of people, for that matter – is the voice of dissent or speculation. It is the voice that asks the difficult questions. It is the voice that brings up “What if…?”. It pushes an idea to be better. It is the yin […]