I am a creative and sometimes eccentric heretic. I love to wear brightly colored pants. I am someone who is content, but rarely satisfied. I have grown weary of how success has been measured one-dimensionally as only money. Businesses need to make money, but businesses need people more. Money is a natural output of human flourishing. I am a relentless advocate to help organizations focus on human flourishing as a measure of their success and the key contributor to their performance. When this is done well, the money will come.


I speak on the topic of human flourishing. I connect that with business through a framework I have developed over my 15 years as an international Organization Development consultant. I help organizations ask themselves the right questions regarding leadership, culture & engagement so that they can address these 3 areas simultaneously, not vacuous of one another. I also help leaders to see how these 3 important areas organically fit together in any social interaction and what that means for the performance of their organization. In short, I help organizations figure out how they can make human flourishing profitable.


I work with people who are ready to operate differently. I work with executives and other senior professionals who are ready to own the work they are about to begin with me. I work with people who view other humans as having inestimable, innate value. I work with amazing visionaries who want to provide a positive outlet for the collective creative genius of the humans working within their organizations. I work with leaders who don’t only give lip-service to putting people first, they consistently do something about it. I work with superheroes.