• Why

    People make profits, so we must develop people to develop profits. Human flourishing = sustainable success & profitability.

  • What

    Segmenting OD cripples its effectiveness. When leadership, culture & engagement are unified organizations can realize their full potential.

  • Who

    Organizations who are over the status quo and are seeking to explore and embrace the benefits of being a human-centric company.

  • How

    Using the OD Unification Framework, organizations learn the natural connections between leadership, culture & engagement.

  • Beliefs
    • Human beings have intrinsic value. It is the role of leadership to expose that value and create opportunities for it to flourish.
    • Without people, organizations are nothing more than novel ideas that exist merely on paper.
    • Business, in its simplest form, is an interaction between at least two human beings who work to mutually add value to one another in some capacity.
    • It is impossible to remove the human element from business. True success comes from accepting and embracing the human condition, then making its components a productive part of organizational strategy.
    • There is a natural cycle within human groups. The impact that this cycle has on leadership, culture and engagement is a crucial aspect of successful OD efforts within organizations.

    When humans flourish, they are naturally productive and it is much more likely that they reach their potential. People who are productive, creative and innovative at their highest potential are good for business, family, community and humanity.

    • The mistreatment of people under the guise of “managing assets”, in the relentless pursuit of profits, is wholly unacceptable. It is time to kill the false distinction that it has to be people OR profits.
    • When we have a bad day at work, we typically have a bad day at home and in the community as well. Facilitating better working environments is not only of benefit to the organization, but to the family unit and society at large as well.
    • Businesses exist to make a profit through adding value. It’s time to stop demonizing this notion. HOW we make profits needs to shift, not IF we make profits.

    An unshakeable commitment to…

    • The flourishing of human beings. When a business initiative violates that commitment, I won’t do it.
    • Supporting businesses to be profitable through the flourishing of the human beings who help make that happen.
    • Always learning more about my fellow humans and allowing that to challenge and teach me.
    • Making the world a better place to be and work for human beings, my daughter and the next generation.
  • OD Unification Framework

    From over 2 years of research on human groups in 3 disciplines (psychology, sociology, anthropology), William has developed a framework that unifies the currently fragmented approach to OD.

    OD Model