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Profitability ...

... is a result of human flourishing


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Let's Get Acquainted

Helping companies become more human-centric is a bit of a specialty.

The Company

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Nothing Great Is Done Alone

Are your passions human flourishing AND business? Let's chat!




People make profits, so we must develop people to develop profits. Human flourishing = sustainable success & profitability.


Segmenting Organizational Development cripples effectiveness. We help companies unify OD efforts in leadership, culture & engagement.


Organizations who are over the status quo and are seeking to explore and embrace the benefits of being a human-centric company.


Using the OD Unification Model, organizations learn the natural connections between leadership, culture & engagement.

What People Are Saying


The Leadership Advisor provided a baseline strategy and effectively communicated it to the main stakeholders. This provided more effectiveness in a fluctuating environment, but also less emotional stress and anxiety on our employees. We are grateful for William’s help and collaboration and would strongly recommend his services.

- Frederico Carona - Coordinating Director


William’s stand out characteristics were not settling for the norm, continually seeking new and improved ways to move the business forward, never accepting no as an acceptable answer to a problem, never pointing the finger at others and never making excuses. All ideas were strongly supported with data and information that was clear and concise.

- Troy Parry - General Manager


I look to William as a true resource and big thinker. It’s hard to find professionals who look at things from a mix of both a human and innovative standpoint at the same time. He is also very adept at listening, synthesizing and creating solutions. He is comfortable with working with employees at all levels of an organization. I admire that he takes the approach to meet people “where they are” because he is able to genuinely connect with them. William is a true asset who can bring great skill, expertise and effort; truly one of the most intelligent and broad based people in my circle.

- Steve Browne, SPHR - Executive Director of HR


William has been my friend and trusted advisor for several years now. I admire his character, work ethic and his abiding passion for making the workplace more human and – as a result – more successful. He is my go-to expert on the topic of leadership’s influence on employee engagement. While he never had to convince me as to why engagement is so vitally important for a successful organization, his thinking on the how-to of engagement has greatly informed my own.

- Ted Coiné - Co-CEO




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